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iRacing Base Championship: Schedule!

Category: General

Today we are releasing the schedule for the American and European iRacing Base Championship!

Click here to sign up for this championship!

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iRBC Season 2 Car Announcement!

Category: General

PRL is proud to announce that Season 2 of iRBC will feature the Cadillac CTS-V! Like our first season, this will be a 9 race championship, including 6 road races and 3 ovals. Both types of race will be held in the Cadillac. As always, we are listening to our members and we will add a mandatory pitstop for every race. Be prepared; it's going to be an intense season! Sign up here!

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American Project CARS PC Series: Round 1 @ Donington

Category: DIRT3-AC

PRL now have five different Project CARS championships underway, and recently, the American PC drivers kicked theirs off with Round 1 at Donington.

25 drivers started the race in what I believe is PRL's biggest grid ever! (correct me if I'm wrong)

The race was won by BigSh0w, but here's long time PRL member, blutank24, with some highlights of the race from his perspective, along with some live commentary!

Below are the full results, and if you want to read more from this race, click here!

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Formula 1 Flag Marshall Journal: Day 4

Category: General

Sunday, station 12

Now the day that we all wait has come! The morning meeting was a 7:00 AM and the first race starts at 9:00 AM. Our station was pretty closed to the volunteer tent behind the hairpin. We decided to walk to there. When I looked at the job chart, I realised that I was on intervention on the left side of the track for the Formula 1 race. I was very excited! Me and the other marshall walk on the track to be sure there was nothing on it. We simulated some situations that could happen. When a Formula 1 car crashed or stopped on the track, the FIA ask us to be there in less than 30 seconds! So, it’s very important that we simulate a lot of situation.

At 9:00 AM, the Formula 1600 came on track for their second race. Again, that was an eventful race! A few laps after the start, a few cars crashed on turn 1 and the safety car has been deployed. In those cars, there was the car of Didier Schraenen. He is a popular driver and TV commentator here in Quebec. The medical team bring him to the helicopter because 5 years ago, he had a heart attack after a similar crash. When he arrived to the helicopter, he said to the doctor: “I have 3 things to say. First, don’t tear my suit. Second, I’m fine. Third, prepare my car for the next race with needles because I will destroy his car!” (talking to the guy who crashed into him). After the session, all the cars that have been damaged have been bring to the small exit behind our station. There was a lot of damaged Formula 1600!

The two next races was the Ferrari Challenge and the Nissan Micra cup. Nothing happened in our station except some debris on the right side of the track. Our mashall in place has removed those from the track when he had a good gap.

During the dinner, before the driver parade, some marshalls had bring their hockey stick and decided to play hockey at the hairpin. I was the referee of the game and had to give some “cross check” penalty! That was super fun and I think the spectators have enjoyed the show!

We came back to our station just in time to the driver parade! I recorded a part of it. When Kimi Raikkonen arrived at our station, I shouted to him: “Hey!” with a thumb up and he replied with the same thing hahaha.

About the race, we all watched it and unfortunately that was one of the most boring Montreal’s race. Usually, we have crashes and safety car at Montreal. It’s always an exciting race but not this weekend :(. I was on intervention on the left side of the track. For every Formula 1 session, when you are on intervention, you must wear rubber gloves and leather gloves above of it. It’s to prevent any electrical shortcut if we have to touch the car. I really enjoyed the spot I was because I feel the true accelerating power of those cars! I was just at the DRS zone so I was able to watch the DRS opening. In addition of that, if you watch the race again, you can see me on lap 7, 15 and 52 I think! I noticed the camera near me, but I was sure he zoomed for the whole back straight, but obviously not every time!

After the race, the fans are allowed to go on the track, but they must stay on the right side of it. When we were waiting for the van that picks up the equipment, some fans asked the security to take pictures with us. I felt like a superstar by taking pictures with the fans!

That was an awesome weekend at the Montreal GP and I’m already eager for next year. I was very exhausted at the end because we don’t sleep a lot and we are standing all day long! I hope you enjoyed this article and want to become a racing marshall.

See you on track!

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Formula 1 Flag Marshall Journal: Day 3

Category: General

Saturday, station 4a

I have slept a bit more because the morning meeting was at 7:30 AM. The meeting was short because everything have been said the day before. The first car on track was the safety car. There was a safety car practice from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM. They make sure that the track is ok and they need to test the performance of the safety car. At 10:00 AM, the last Formula 1 practice has started! I was on the yellow flag. As you all know, Button’s engine died and Nasr has crashed on the back straight because he hung the DRS button while heating his tires. FAIL! Because of the Sauber’s crash, we had to wave the red flag. Then, Vettel overtook a Marussia on the back straight! FAIL hahaha!

After the Formula 1 practice, the Ferrari Challenge cars came on track. I was on intervention on the right side of the track. Suddenly, during the session, I heard tree branches move behind me. It was a photograph! They are crazy! I asked him:
“Where the f*** are you coming from!?”.
He said: “From the other side of the fence and I ripped my pants hahaha! Can I take pictures from here?”.
Me: “Yes sure!”
After a couple of shots he asked me to back off to take better pictures.
I said: “Sorry buddy, but you made all the way through there for nothing because I will not move. It’s my job to watch the cars coming and to be ready if something happen.”
He tried to crease the fence to have a better view, but no success and he leaves!

After the dinner, the Formula 1 qualifying session started! This is impressive to see the drivers to push the car at the limit! You can easily notice when a car is on a hot lap. Suddenly, something dramatic happened :(. A bird is dead on track :-o. He was a bit off the line and almost intact. I thought that it will be easy after the session to remove this bird from the track, but a car ran on the animal!! Who was it? PASTOR MALDONADO!! As nature lover marshalls, we decided to bury the dead bird. That was the only incident of the session lol.

At 2:30 PM, it was the first race of the Formula 1600 series. I was on the yellow flag. At around 15 minutes of the session, a car has crashed a few feet before our station. I waved my green flag and the marshal that we had in intervention on that spot has jumped on the track. He has helped the driver to quit the track. By the time we called for a towing, the control center call every station to wave the yellow because the safety car came on the track. Our marshall tried to help the towing guys to remove the car but there was some “duct tape” on the roof! They had to remove it to be able to pass the hook. As expected again, we had a lot of action on track with the Formula 1600. This was by far the most exciting series on track this weekend!

Now the first race of the Ferrari Challenge! I was on intervention on the right side of the track. Some cars have hit the wall on the left side of the track after the small right hander. The station next to us had to call for a repair after the session. Unfortunately for me, nothing happened in our spot, except that another bird died on track!! :(. After the session, I took the shovel and bury the second bird with its brother.

For the last session of the day, the Nissan Micra Cup, I was on yellow flag. Even if those cars are really slow, there is a lot of action on track because they are all closed to each other. Nothing happened in our sector but another car has flipped at the hairpin! Immediately, a marshall shouted in the communication line: “EMERGENCY!”. That was an excessive reaction. Those cars have a roof, it’s not a Formula car! Even if the car flipped, the driver is safe. One of the first thing we learned when you become a marshall is to stay calm. She obviously doesn't understand that part. To put the cherry over the cake, another marshall has asked for a safety car in the backup radio -_-. You can’t take the decision to release the safety car. You must inform the situation to the control center and THEY take the decision to release it or not. The race has been completed without any other major incident.

After this day of work, we all have been invited to a BBQ at the volunteer tent. Beer, hot dog and pizza on the menu! During the supper, my video of the bird become very popular! Later, we had a draw for all the volunteer. We had the chance to win merchandise from official teams signed by the drivers. Unfortunately, I don’t win anything :(

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