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PRL Championship Manager

Category: General

We are doing some reorganization on PRL, and today, we'd like to announce that we have created a new Championship Manager position which has been filled by Jerome Berthiaume (jeromef1).  In his new position, Jerome will ensure all championships are running to PRL standards and that the infrastructure is in place for the organizers to do their jobs.  Jerome will also lend a hand in developing new championships and ensuring their success.  Jerome has already been working as the Championship Manager for a couple of weeks, and has done a tremendous amount of work to ready our F1 2014 championships!

In related news, we are removing the Supervisor position.  Supervisor duties will be split between the Organizers, myself, and Jerome.

We are creating some other new positions that have more focused responsibilities, and we'll have more news on those soon.  In the meantime, if you're interesting in organizing one of our championships, please let me know!

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Disconnections & New Restart Rules

Category: General

For our games/sims where you can't rejoin an in progress session, we are changing the disconnection and restart criteria for the upcoming season in an effort to minimize restarts, which are both time consuming and frustrating to other drivers.  Restarts are something that most other leagues don't offer, but on PRL, we understand that being given a restart is a nice "second chance" if you have a rare connection issue, as it avoids the frustration of practicing all week for nothing.  However, we are going to minimize instances of some drivers getting a "second chance" in every single race by implementing some new rules.

We are going to start tracking Disconnections & Restarts.  

  • A Disconnection is defined as any time the disconnection message appears on screen, from the moment qualifying begins until the moment the last driver sees the checkered flag.  Disconnections in the session lobby are not tracked.  If any of the criteria for a mass disconnect are met, the drivers involved will not have a disconnection recorded against them.
  • A Restart is defined as any time a restart eligible driver causes the session to be restarted.  There will not be a Restart for a retirement or for a disqualification.
  1. Initially, a driver is eligible for one restart.
  2. If a driver causes a restart, they are no longer eligible for a restart in their next race start.  If they complete their next race without causing a restart, they are then eligible for a restart again, unless the rule below invoked.
  3. If a driver has 3 disconnections in their last 5 race starts, they will be moved to the Reserve List, and a Waiting List driver will take their seat.  
    1. If there are no Waiting List drivers, the driver who was moved to the Reserve List can continue to race for their original team, or if their seat is taken by a Waiting List driver, they can continue to race as a Reserve if another seat is available.
    2. They will continue to be ineligible for a race restart until the point at which they have shown their connection is reliable by having 3 consecutive disconnection free starts.  At that point, they can be assigned to a permanent seat again, or moved to the Waiting List if none are available.
PRL's Racing Rules have been updated to reflect these changes.

Disconnections & restarts will be tracked in the results table for each race, and a disconnection summary and restart eligibility table will be added to the first post of the next race thread.

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F1 2014 Release Dates & PRL Championships

Category: General

F1 2014 will be released in the next week.  On the 16th if you’re in Australia, the 17th if you’re in the UK, and the 21st if you’re in North America, though if you’re getting the game on Steam (PC), you can also download the game on the 17th, no matter where you are in the world.

We’re not expecting big updates in F1 2014 as Codemasters are focusing most of their resources on the next gen, F1 2015, which shifts their yearly release to the beginning of the Formula 1 Season, rather than the end, something fans are quite excited about.

F1 2014 will of course have the updated circuits, including the Austrian and Russian Grand Prix, and the return of Hockenheim.  The other exciting change is to the cars.  As well as updated models, the cars will have the turbo’s and increased torque of their real world counterparts, as well as the reduced downforce, an 8th gear, and the reworked Energy Recovery System.  We’re interested to see how this translates to the feel of the cars on track, and we’ll be back with a review soon after release!

As far as Championships, we’ve got you covered!  We have championships for all formats and all regions of the world.  Most of our championships are scheduled to start in early November.  Check the links below where you’ll find a sign-up thread for your format & region!

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iRSS Season 6 open for Sign Ups

Category: General

The new season of the iRacing Sunday Series sponsored by BOXBOXBOX Gaming will get underway on October 26.

This season will see the competitors fighting it out in the legendary Honda HPD ARC-01c on some of the most epic tracks on iRacing.

Entry is free, we look forward to see all of you on track.

More information can be found here.

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FMXC's Strong Start!

Category: Muzzley's blog

Forza Motorsport Xbox One Championship is honoured to announce two major milestones with Precision Racing League. Firstly, FMXC is the first ever Next Generation Console Racing Championship on PRL. Secondly, FMXC is the first up and running Forza Motorsport Championship organised and partnered with PRL.

Apart from that, I’d like to announce that FMXC, after only a month (really only 3 weeks), has only 2 seats left in its championship, with 2 and a bit months left until Round 1 is underway. Only 3 weeks into the development and promotion of the championship and we’ve almost filled our championship to the maximum amount of drivers we can. This is an outstanding achievement! Thank you to everyone that has signed up and had their input into the championship.

I’m looking forward to 2015 and the Racing to come!


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