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Mercedes offers glimpse of 2015 car

Category: General

Mercedes has offered a glimpse its new car, the W06, during a filming day at Silverstone.

The car is not set to be officially launched until the morning of the first day of testing on Sunday

Read more at ESPN F1

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McLaren launches new Honda-powered MP4-30

Category: General

McLaren-Honda's hotly-anticipated MP4-30 was revealed to the world via an online launch on Thursday ahead of the new car's first test in Jerez next week.

Here's the Youtube video McLaren released today:

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Lotus confident of 'massive step forward'

Category: General

Lotus Technical Director Nick Chester is confident that their new E23 Hybrid - which was unveiled on Monday - will help the team to make a 'massive step forward' following a difficult 2014 season. Click here for further details.

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iRSS Round 4 Highlights

Category: General

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Force India unveil 'aggressive' livery

Category: General

Force India unveiled its 2015 livery in Mexico on Wednesday with the car featuring a predominantly silver and black colour scheme with splashes of orange.

Do you like their new livery?

Click here for further informations

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iRSS Round 5 - Watkins Glen

Category: General

The iRacing Sunday Series visited the classic Watkins Glen Layout last Sunday where 11 Drivers took to the grid. Frederik Elmstroem stole pole position from defending series champion David Wormald who was forced to start in P2 just ahead of Mikko Muttilainen.

There was drama at the start for Justin Sutton who was the victim of wheel contact from another car. The contact caused Justins car to hit the pit wall and flip violently, forcing him to tow to the pits. Ahead of this action, Frederik Elmstroem had a bit of a moment in turn one, when he was forced to catch some oversteer and slowed just enough to show David Wormald an opening. David, not being one to scoff at opportunity nosed his car in next to Frederik. They stayed side by side like this until the exit of the carousel where David seemed to get the upper hand. Frederik managed to pull up next to David going into turn 6 but David already had the inside line. Frederik was carrying too much speed for the turn and went off track allowing Mikko Muttilainen to take 2nd place. Frederik slowly whittled away at Mikko until he was able to pass him on the back straight in lap 5.

When the checkered flag fell, David Wormald finished ahead of Pole Sitter Frederik Elmstroem. And Mikko Muttilainen maintained his 3rd place starting position and picked up an extra point for an incident free race.

This Sunday the iRSS visits the oval at Dover International Speedway, also known as “The Monster Mile.” Space is still available and Drivers are wanted so sign up now.

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PRL: Where We Love Rules, But Not Spam :)

Category: General
We have a small addition to our wonderful list of rules today.  In an effort to prevent organizers and other drivers from being spammed with messages after they've started racing, the following rule is effective immediately:

Racing Rules said

If you are late for a race, you may send one message to the organizer asking if you can join.  If there is no response, it should be assumed they have started racing and cannot restart for you, and you are not permitted to send any additional messages.  You are also not permitted to message other drivers who may be racing.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in two successive grid penalties.

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New F1 2014 Restart Procedure to Avoid Rolling Starts

Category: General

We are rolling out a new F1 201x procedure to handle restarts which will allow us to avoid rolling starts.  This new procedure is effective immediately, and has been added to PRL’s Racing Rules.  If you have any comments or questions on this, please post in the comments below.  The procedure is as follows:

If a race requires a race restart which would result in drivers being in the wrong grid positions, the following procedure must be used to get drivers back into their correct grid positions: 

  1. A new lobby will be created with these changes to the regular settings: Participation Level set to Short Weekend – One Shot Qualifying, Parc Ferme set to Off, and Rules and Flags set to Reduced.
  2. The Organiser will announce to all drivers what their grid positions are by saying their name followed by their position.  Drivers will be asked if they don’t know their position.
  3. In One-shot qualifying, the pole sitter completes his pole lap at a moderate pace to ensure he does not cut any corners and get disqualified.
  4. All other drivers drive at a moderate pace to ensure they do not cut any corners and get disqualified, and then they stop approximately 5 car lengths before the finish line.
  5. When the pole sitter completes his lap, he says “2nd go”, and then he watches the results screen to see when the driver 2nd on the grid crosses the line, then says “3rd go” and so on.
  6. Once everyone has crossed the line in the correct order, drivers can load their setup in the garage before the race, where everyone will be in the correct grid positions.
  7. If anything compromises the grid order, the race will default to a rolling start (refer to Rolling Start Procedure), or, at the discretion of the organizer, a 2nd attempt at re-creating the correct grid order may occur.
F1 201x Restart Procedure Penalties
  1. Any disconnections that occur during the process to re-establish the correct grid positions will be treated as they would be during qualifying, i.e., you will start from the back of the grid if the criteria for a restart is met.
  2. If you cut a corner during the process to re-establish the correct grid positions, you will start from the back of the grid.  The game automatically forces this, and a restart will not be required.  You must immediately notify the organizer if this occurs.
  3. If you cross the finish line prematurely during the process to re-establish the correct grid positions, you will start from the back of the grid during a 2nd attempt to re-establish the correct grid positions, or during a rolling start.
  4. If you do not cross the finish line in a timely manner when it is your turn to do so, you will receive a 30 second race penalty, or 2 successive grid penalties if the impact of a 30 second penalty cannot be determined.

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iRSS Season 7 Highlights for Round 3 at VIR

Category: General

The Official Highlights for PRL iRSS Season 7 Round 3 from Virginia International Raceway are now available to watch on the PRL YouTube page.

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iRSS Season 7 Highlights

Category: General

The first two episodes of the iRacing Sunday Series Highlights for Season Seven, by Justin and David.

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Codemasters Layoff as many as 50 Employees

Category: General

Numerous reports are claiming Codemasters are laying off a significant number of employees today.  Some sources claim the number is 30, while others say it's as many as 50.  Codemasters employee count did stand at 800.

Here’s the official statement from Codemasters:

"As Codemasters continues its program of strategic realignment in line with market changes, the company has reviewed its current structures to focus on areas of increased importance and decrease resources in areas where work requirements have been reduced," reads a company statement.

"As a result of this review, a small number of roles have been proposed as being at risk of redundancy. Those in potentially affected roles are now involved in a consultation period to discuss the proposal. The proposal does not affect the ongoing production of titles in development and no projects have been cancelled as a result of the proposal."
Codemasters are a huge part of PRL, and more people have joined this site to play Codemasters racing games than that of any other developer.  Thankfully the bulk of that is the F1 games, and reports indicate the layoffs are only impacting the GRID & DiRT teams.  That said, it’s obviously a sad time whenever anyone loses their job.

While there had been no official announcements for new GRID or DiRT games, the next F1 game in the series is expected to be released “earlier in the F1 season”, so hopefully we can assume this is still on track.  It’s expected to be their biggest release since F1 2010, as they are building it on a new engine with releases on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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The iRSS Visits VIR

Category: General

On Sunday the drivers of the iRSS took on Virginia International Raceway, A narrow track with plenty of corners, making it difficult for even the most experienced of sim-racers to complete a clean pass. As qualifying came to close it was David Wormald who took pole for the first time this season, behind him were Mikko Muttilainen, and Justin Sutton. David's only challenger during the race was Mikko Muttilainen who ran into problems when passing lapped traffic. David and Justin were the only drivers to complete the race with 0 incidents. The top 3 finished as they started with Wormald picking up his first win of the season, Muttilainen picking up some much needed points for 2nd place, and Sutton finishing with in his highest position so far this season in 3rd.

The next race will take place at the Twin Ring Motegi oval on Sunday January 11th, 2015 at 3:50pm Eastern. Seats are still available and drivers are wanted.

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The Race 07 World Championship

Category: General

A couple of years ago, PRL's blutank24 organized a racing championship called the International Precision Sim Series. With Race 07 being the only true simulation game with a series on PRL, the name fit and everyone was excited to get racing in their first season. The car for that year was the Mini, and it couldn’t have been a more interesting choice to start off the inaugural season. One season was all there was though….. until now….

From the ashes of the International Precision Sim Series comes to life a revitalized Touring Car championship.  With support from only a few drivers in the beginning, it seemed a Race 07 championship would not become an official series, but instead stay as a fun alternative to practice.  After many edits to the rules and cars, as well as hours of recruiting, the minimum amount of drivers needed to create a championship was met, and with it, the realization that this Race 07 championship would soon become the successor to the once popular International Precision Sim Series.

Renamed to the Race 07 World Championship (RWC), the Pre-Season race is already upon us as it is tonight at 9pm EST!  It's never too late to join and become a driver for Season 2 of the RWC. Create your own team, skins, and select a car number for the season as we go for 12 weeks and 24 races on tracks from all around the world!

Sign-Up Here!

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iRSS at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Category: Site News

The iRSS had their first oval race of the season this past Sunday with a 150 mile race at Historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With competitors reaching speeds over 225 mph, this 60 lap event would, for the first time, showcase the highest speeds attainable by the DW-12.

11 Drivers gridded to race. Newcomer Martijn Nagelkerken would start from the pole followed by defending Champion David Wormald, and another newcomer Frederik Elmstroem in third. Martijn Nagelkerken quickly showed his dominance at this track by creating a substantial lead over the rest of the field. The first caution flag fell in lap 30 when rookie Nicholas Garforth made contact with the exit of turn 4, bouncing his car into the pit entry wall, resulting in a spectacular crash.

David Wormald, unable to make the pass on track managed a faster stop for tires and fuel and exited the pits ahead of Martijn Nagelkerken to take the lead of the race. Despite his best efforts at defensive driving, Wormald could not hold the lead for long as Nagelkerken regained his position following a pass in lap 38. The top 3 drivers finished as they started, with Martijn Nagelkerken in 1st, David Wormald in 2nd, and Frederik Elmstroem standing atop the final podium position. The hard charger of the race however, seems to be Alan Pajari who started in 10th and rocketed up to 4th.

The next race up for the iRSS is Virginia International Raceway, a challenging road course for even the best of drivers. This race will take place Sunday January 4th, 2015 at 3:00pm Eastern. Seats are still available and drivers are wanted.

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IRSS Season 7 Has Begun!

Category: Site News

Season 7 of the iRacing Sunday Series kicked off this past Sunday at Circuit of the Americas where 13 Drivers took to the track in the DW-12 Indycar. One of the most technical tracks in iRacing combined with one of the most difficult to drive cars, made for some great fun and awesome action.

In Qualifying, Series defending Champion David Wormald was looking to start the season off from pole with a 1:47.299, but newcomer Hunter Manley had other Idea’s. Hunter managed to nudge David over to P2 with a 1:47.004. Ashley Blakeley in 3rd was the only driver in the 48’s. James Myers squeaked past teammate Estíverson Oliveira for P4 in the closing seconds of qualifying by only .049 seconds. Similarly, Justin Sutton Picked up P6 only .032 seconds ahead of Mikko Muttilainen who qualified 2 seconds slower than his fastest practice lap. Newcomer Alan Pajari picked up P7 with a 52.665. Alan would start ahead of Andreas Werner, Rick A James, John Bell, Hamish Sopwith and Nicholas Garforth, none of whom would set a qualifying time.

As the race started, all drivers made it through turn 1 safely. Wormald held tight to the gearbox of Hunter Manley and managed to pick up enough draft to pass for the lead in the long straight following turn 11 of Lap 1. Wormald’s lead was short lived as a mistake in turn 12 of Lap 4 would again turn the Lead over to Hunter Manley. Hunter took the checkered flag at the end of lap 25, leaving Wormald in 2nd. Mikko Muttilainen made up for a lackluster qualifying effort with a solid 3rd place podium finish, followed by Ashley Blakeley in 4th, Justin Sutton in 5th and Estíverson Oliveira in 6th. Oliveira would be the last driver on the lead lap, followed by Alan Pajari(7th), John Bell (8th), Andreas Werner(9th), James Myers (10th), Nicholas Garforth (11th), Hamish Sopwith (12th). Rick A James failed to complete any laps.

The Next race is Sunday December 28th at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This will be the first Oval on the schedule this season, and should be a lot of fun. Road racers may feel a little out of their comfort zone at nearly 230 mph (370kph) for 60 laps, while the oval racers will have a chance to showcase their skills.

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EPSC Season 5 Spain Results & Featured Recap: Rain, Rain and more R…

Category: General

If you like what you see below, please go here to sign up and contribute to the discussion!


    Did you enjoy the wet weather racing? Were you competitive?
You could say I was competitive at parts of the race and I should have done far better than I actually did!
However, the engineer being completely and utterly wrong was probably the least enjoyable part. I shouldn't really have listened to him as the engineer is completely messed up.

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iRSS Season 7

Category: General

iRSS Season 7 is open for signups!

Season 7 will start with a Pre-Season Party on December 14, with the first race for points on the following week.

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